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Delivery Time

When can I receive package after the payment?

Super Savings service :

Region Except Europe and Middle East :Order processing: 3-7 days. Order delivery: 7-14 days. The items you ordered will reach you within 20 days.

Europe & Middle East: Order processing: 3-7 days. Order delivery: 10-20 days. The items you ordered will reach you within 30 days.

Express Shipping service :

Order processing: 3-7 days. Order delivery: 5-6 days. The items you ordered will reach you within 13 days.

Chinese holiday reminder:

During week-long Chinese holidays, Chinese National Day (October 1, 2017) and Chinese New Year (January 28, 2017), services from certain suppliers and carriers may be affected, meaning that deliveries for order placed around these holidays may be delayed 3-7 days.

Processing Time

After we receive your order, we conduct Quality Control checks and testing in order to ensure the product's quality prior to shipment. The processing time varies depending on the specific product with the average processing time being approximately 3-7days; however, it can also be affected by the item's stock status.

What shipping method Popreal use?

Currently, all the products will be shipped by Air Transport shipping service. For the Express Shipping, DHL is the shipping carrier.

How can enjoy free shipping policy?

Free shipping to US order over $69,free shipping to other countries order over $89.

How to track my order?

Once the order is placed, our system will send you an email about the order details. You can also log in to your Popreal account and track your order on “My Orders” Page. When the order is shipped out, we will email you the tracking number and tracking website.